About Us

GOLDEN MAGAZINE creates a timeless universe for Mod Kids, featuring an array of fashion, art, resources, events,  and lifestyle. A literary journey of designers, cultural trends, inspirational stories, ravishing interviews and much more, all in one publication.

Each issue will inspire you to target the best choices in children’s fashion.  Our fantastic resourceful website serves as a platform on a variety of child related topics and events.

Golden Magazine features never-before-seen images in various themes behind some of the most dynamic curators making the publication classic and everlasting. Created to inspire art, style, comfort and quality of must-haves for children all around the globe.

Golden Magazine embodies all skin colors, languages and zip codes unite every Golden Star to shine bright. Our mission is to motivate parents and children to see how Golden they are in this world.

Our readers live and love a Golden lifestyle.

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Frances T. McGrier
Founder & Editor in Chief

Quiana Autrey
Associate Publisher & Business Operations

Matthew Beatty 
Editor at Large

Apri Janai
Fashion Editor

Nichelle Brown
Operations Coordinator

Curtis Franklin
Art Director

Harriet McGrier

Production Manager

Myoshi Primo
Marketing Director

Sydni Wise
Fashion Editor & Stylist